Essential Unity® Assets for Efficiency

Hey Game Developers,

Bilal here, and I just wanted to share all of the Unity® assets that I find absolutely essential based on the type of games you’re creating. I’ve personally used all of these assets in my projects, and I highly recommend them as premium products from publishers who clearly put effort into creating tools to help you make games faster and better.

If you’re a solo developer, these assets are MUST-HAVES because it’s very difficult to wear every hat in game development. You have to draw the line of doing everything somewhere, and these assets are a perfect place to start!

1. Universal Sound FX - Audio

I recommend every Unity® developer purchase this package unless they already have a designated audio engineer creating all of their sounds, as the package includes many premium sounds through many different categories.

Every video game needs sound effects, and they should be consistent with the game’s style and quality. That’s why I always recommend Imphenzia’s Universal Sound FX package, which comes with exactly what it sounds like: sound effects that you can use “universally,” or in any games you create.

All the games I’ve worked on have used this package in some way, whether it’s a laser noise, game over sound, music effect, an explosion, or many other options. So if you’re looking to make an FPS, RTS, MOBA, Platformer, Top-Down Shooter, or anything else at all, this package will have a lot of high quality sound effects you’ll want to use.

If you’re convinced, you can get it right here:

2. ProBuilder Advanced – 3D Level Editor

If you’re creating a 3D game, I highly recommend ProBuilder advanced to quickly prototype, and later release high quality, easy to create levels.

ProBuilder is an exemplary level creation tool that fits directly into the Unity® Editor. Just like you would be able to in a 3D modeling tool, like Blender, ProBuilder allows you to extrude, scale, and otherwise transform basic geometry in Unity® to shape your level however you want to.

You can also use ProBuilder to create any shapes directly in the Editor so that you don’t have to worry about importing from an external application. This really speeds up your workflow, so you can quickly create game props, and depending on your art style and game type, items, weapons, buildings, or even characters.

If you want to maximize your level creation efficiency, check out ProBuilder here:

3. SPACE for Unity – 3D Space Scene Construction Kit

To create a beautiful and immersive 3D space experience in your game, I recommend picking up SPACE for Unity! This package is a combination of a level editor, colorful space art including nebulas, asteroids, and planets.

In SPACE for Unity, not only do you have free access to use a library of space goodies in your scene, but you also have the option to generate a universe automatically, which will configure immersive asteroid belts, distant nebula visuals, and even allow you to test the scene with an in-the-box spaceship with maneuvering and firing controls.

To add beautiful space visuals to your space game, check out SPACE for Unity here:

All right, these are my favorite Unity® assets on the Asset Store right now as out of all the Unity® assets I’ve used, these have given my games the most noticeable quality and efficiency for creating Unity® games.

I’ll see you in the next post,


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